Singing Bowls in the Online Marketplace

Singing bowls are used worldwide to great effect and have great religious significance among the Buddhist cultures of Asia. For those of you who are not familiar with singing bowls, these are actually a type of bell, a standing one to be exact.

Instead of being hung up inverted or having a handle attached, singing bowls rest on their bottom surfaces. When struck, the rim of a singing bowl vibrates, producing a "singing" sound. The practice of using such implements have caught on worldwide for purposes of meditation as in yoga, music, relaxation, as well as for personal well-being.

Historically speaking, such bowls were made all over Asia, but especially in Nepal, China, and Japan. India and Korea have also entered into the trade for singing bowls in today's market.

Originally, singing bowls were used in Buddhist practices as a signal of the start and finish of silent meditation periods. In chanting ceremonies, singing bowls are struck at a particular time to accompany a specific phrase being chanted. In Japan, singing bowls are used in the same way to mark a change in an activity, for instance, from a sitting meditation to a walking meditation. The Japanese also use these for ancestor worship as well as funeral ceremonies.

Silver Sky Imports Singing bowls are struck at the rim with a padded mallet. To produce the singing sound, the rim is rubbed with a mallet which has been bound in wood, plastic or leather.

Even today, singing bowls, both brand-new ones and the antique kind, are used for religious services, performances, music therapy, and sound healing, among other things. The new types are made by hand-hammering which is the traditional way of doing it, or by casting and machine-lathing.

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